Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tooth fairy is a sick bitch

Cora came over today with her 6 yr old.... She took him to the dentist and he had a tooth pulled. bad enough but they gave him a little box with the tooth in it... clear top so you could see the nasty thing all icky with bits of blood on it in it. made me think of the tooth fairy. What a twisted piece of work....

Let's examine the evidence.

She is obsessed with teeth - only children's teeth... seems a fetish or something.She spends all her time obtaining them. What for? Does she eat them? use them in some nefarious way. Is she making an army with them. Making some fort. What possible normal reason would she have for getting all these teeth. I bet her house is like a pack rats.

She breaks into your house. She tiptoes to your sleeping defenseless childs room while they are sleeping and steals a body part from them.

Gives them hush money. Possibly to purchase more candy so they loose more teeth... like a crack dealer I think. Maybe she is grinding and snorting the teeth like a total freak.

Do you really want this in your child's life? don't you think we should hunt her down and stop her..... sick stuff i think.

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