Friday, July 18, 2008

God, do you ever have those weeks where you can't stop laughing? I seem to be having one of them. It isn't like it's been a particularly good week. My Grandpa died yesterday. Not usually a source of laughter but surprisingly so. I know when my dad died almost 10 yrs ago.... life was oddly funny. My siblings, mom and I never laughed so hard as then. I suppose without the sour the sweet doesn't taste so sweet. something like that.

My life is going really well... lots of fun in the summer time, lots of friends, family and animals running around my house. Sometimes I wonder what a certain lovable adorable awesome bald guy who is in my life these days take on all the wacky people in my life, calling and popping over all the time. He is so fun and easy going and doesn't even freak when he is pooped on by a cat.
Granted he fits in quite well... he is thinking of going back to school to take nursing, must say he has the go with the flow and sense of humour for that. Most of my friends are nurses and have that warped weird sense of humour which makes life fun and interesting.

Laughing over surreal situations in our personal lives, our work lives and warped horrible dark things. Laughing at the things like orgasming at the gym, catatonic nuns and bearded naked women. I laughed so hard at lunch yesterday I thought I would split my gut. It was surreal going to a meeting about the most difficult patient I have ever met in my life. The nastiest person out there , hands down. There are only a few of us that are still able to go in and see this person. All of us very easy going and go with the flow. So this meeting was odd. But again - I am choosing to surround myself with people who are supportive and funny and amazing people.

People like Nat, who when I told her my gramps passed away - she didn't know what to say without the "s" word ( inside joke for us) I responded that well, he was old and sick for awhile and this was expected. "Well" she said... " then good riddance" I laughed so hard at that. I would love her to come to our work coffee breaks.. she would fit in so well.

Like the co worker that I argue about religion ( we differ vastly) and debate all things and connect emotionally. Like my 2 best buddies at work. We haven't been working all together but when we do - watch out. The three amigos- they protect me, slap me upside the head when i need it, laugh with me, and just make my life wonderful. I have a wonderful bunch of friends through my office friend. She is amazing... she worries too much, I wish she could realize how funny and cool she is, and not worry so much about other people.


Nat said...

The cat shit on him? And he didn't run away screaming... :P

I sound totally cold hearted in the paragraph... but really she's ok with grandpa dying and it was a joke. Not the death.

I wish you were closer too, if only because my life is far too tame of late.

gadgetgrl said...

It was the perfect thing to say. It made me laugh so much. I think telling this verbally comes across so much better- because when i told sheri about it she just howled with laughter. She gets it. Not cold hearted at all.

Rufus ran upstairs when he heard us leaving and he picked him up and commented on how much he smelled like his litter box. I think he was using the box when he heard us leave.... retch.... he just shrugged it off... good thing he had extra clothes at my place lol